About us

An online magazine dedicated to modern design, Topfreedom offers what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor. Always fresh and never sour, Topfreedom fills your thirsty cup to the brim with design finds from around Australia. Drink up!

Established in 1997, Topfreedom is a furnishing company that will allow you to create beautiful designs and styles for your space. The company believes that interior styling is the key to a lovely and charming home. Indeed, home is a place you should cherish and love for the rest of your life.

This is the reason at Topfreedom, all the staffs are so excited and motivated about helping you with any modern design uncertainties. Regardless it is to redecorate and give your home a brand new look or just to help furnish your new room, our team members will be delighted to help you out.

The company’s motto is to strive for the achievement of an utmost customer satisfaction. We dedicate our time to guarantee that your request is managed in a convenient and timely manner. We have for mission to provide you with a fantastic service, additionally with durable and modern furniture pieces.